Suck It Up! Frequently Asked Gutter Cleaning Questions

Q) What are your service areas?

A) We serve two areas in the Carolinas.  We clean gutters from Wilmington to Myrtle Beach, SC, and also provide services in the Raleigh and Wake Forest areas.

Q)  How do you reach up to 3 stories and verify you've completed the cleaning?

A)  We use our SkyVac with our SkyCam to vacuum out your gutters and inspect, while we stand safely on the ground.

Q) What does this service cost?

A) Our prices are similar to our ladder-climbing competitors, and in some cases can be less.  We strive to be competitive with other providers who are insured and use laborers who are background checked and report wages per US law.  

Q)  Can we take a look?

A) Sure!  With other services, you need to take the workers word for it that everything looks good.  We use remote wireless cameras and can show you your gutters, downspouts, etc, so YOU know the job was done right!

Q) Do you need our power?

A)  For outdoor application, No!  We have generators to power our equipment.  For indoor application we will need to plug into a 15A circuit.

Q) Do you ever use ladders?

A)  Infrequently - Our technology allows us to complete most of our work from the ground.  There are some instances, however, like broken gutter hanger replacements that may require us to use a ladder.

Q) How do you invoice?

A)  We can invoice electronically, or take payment at time of service.  We take cash, check, and all major credit cards.

Q) Can you inspect our roof/chimney/etc?

A)Sure!  For a small fee we can capture additional pictures and send directly to you - we work with home inspectors and general contractors to provide the view they need, without the risk of going up on a ladder.

Q) We have clogged outdoor drains, can you help?

A) Sure, we have drain clearing equipment that can take care of the most common problems like leaves and sticks.  For larger problems, we may need to refer you to a drainage expert.  

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