Sky view of our process

Whether you live in Wilmington, Raleigh, or Myrtle Beach, working with Suck It Up! Gutter Cleaning is a breeze.  

We schedule a time to come by, and unload our equipment from our clean and neat trucks.  We will set up our vacuum, generator, and other tools, then get right to work.  We attach vacuum poles, as needed, for the height that we need to reach, and use the powerful vacuum to suck all of the debris out of your gutters.  

We use a special wireless camera and monitor so we can see exactly what is happening in your gutters.  This is actual footage from one of our jobs"

What you see from the ground

All you'll see while we are cleaning is us staying safely on the ground.  We will walk around your house, removing debris, and carefully navigating your nice landscaping, lights, hot tubs, etc.  

What you won't see is probably more important.  You won't see us getting on high ladders and climbing onto your roof.  You won't see us dropping dirty leaves down the side of your house or onto your flower beds, and you won't see us trying to "figure out" how to get the job done, because we know what we are doing.  

Here's a video of us on an actual job, so you can see what it looks like:

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