25 Jul 2017
gutter guard

Gutter Guards

We recently were on a job where the homeowner had gutter guards installed.  The guards deteriorated in the sun and very small bits of debris were allowed to fall through into the gutters over a period of several years.  This debris accumulated and eventually seedlings were able to take hold.  We are now in the process of removing these guards and cleaning the gutters.

For the price of gutter guards, most homeowners would be much better off just having our services performed annually or semi-annually.  It will save you many hundreds or thousands of dollars up front, and being on a regular schedule can help prevent this sort of issue that requires a more in-depth and more costly initial cleaning.


clogged gutter guard

15 Jul 2017
splash block

Gutter Splash Block


Many times we see splash blocks installed backwards, with the opening facing towards the house.  The picture above shows the proper way to install them, so that water flows AWAY from your foundation.  People often have them backwards when grass seed is applied so that it doesn’t wash away, then don’t ever turn them back around.  This causes water to back up near your foundation instead of flow away.   Keep your foundation dry and prevent erosion by checking your splash blocks, making sure they are centered under your gutter, and pointing away from your home.

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