25 Jul 2017
gutter guard

Gutter Guards

We recently were on a job where the homeowner had gutter guards installed.  The guards deteriorated in the sun and very small bits of debris were allowed to fall through into the gutters over a period of several years.  This debris accumulated and eventually seedlings were able to take hold.  We are now in the process of removing these guards and cleaning the gutters.

For the price of gutter guards, most homeowners would be much better off just having our services performed annually or semi-annually.  It will save you many hundreds or thousands of dollars up front, and being on a regular schedule can help prevent this sort of issue that requires a more in-depth and more costly initial cleaning.


clogged gutter guard

13 May 2017
Gutter cleanings using SkyVac

Gutter Cleaning – Debris Removal in Raleigh and The Carolina Coast

Recently we have been doing a LOT of work for apartment buildings and HOA/Condo units in the Raleigh and Wilmington/Myrtle Beach areas. On average, we have been removing >50lbs of debris from gutters! That is DRY weight! This amount of debris can cause water to pool in the gutters, creating much more weight being held up by gutter brackets.

Having regular gutter cleaning maintenance from Suck It Up Gutters can help keep the water flowing and prevent unnecessary weight from being placed on your gutter brackets, ultimately resulting in the need for costly and dangerous repair. We recommend twice yearly cleaning, or more if you are in an area prone to regular pine needle and leaf dropping.

Regular maintenance will also prevent gutters from overflowing, which can cause erosion issues around your home foundation, which can require an even more costly repair!  Rely on the Suck It Up Gutter crew to help keep your home in great shape, with less overall cost, and MUCH less risk!

SkyVac Gutter Cleaning
SkyVac cleaning debris from gutters in Raleigh and Myrtle Beach
19 Mar 2017

Gutter Guards – Are they worth it?

Many customers ask us if we recommend gutter guards.  While we like the theory of gutter guards, the practicality of them can sometimes miss the mark.

Gutter guards can cost $5,000 or more to install on a typical residential house with 200 linear feet of gutter.  We can clean the gutters on that same house for ~$200/visit, or $350 for 2 visits per year on a service agreement.

When you think of how many years of gutter cleaning service could be had for that $5000, that works out to >14 years of gutter cleaning.

We have many customers with gutter guards who also require a yearly cleaning, because needles and leaves still clog up the guards.  So in addition to the large up-front payment, you also have to pay to remove debris on a somewhat regular basis.

We recommend just having your gutters cleaned regularly, and take that $5000 and use it somewhere that provides a better return on your investment, or go have some fun with it!

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