Cleaning gutters safely with SkyVac

Gutter Cleaning and Safety

Did you know that least year, there were ~90,000 accidents that resulted in a trip to the hospital all due to working from a ladder? The most serious impact from this is an injured person, whether it be an employee or homeowner.

Even after the injuries heal, there can be serious issues for homeowners and property managers, if the injury occurred while someone was doing a job for you.

Many “independent contractors” can offer to clean your gutters for a fair price, but they may not carry all of the insurance needed to protect themselves. Then when an accident happens, they will come after your insurance. That is a headache most homeowners and businesses DON’T need!

At Suck It Up! Gutters & More, we perform all of our cleaning from the ground. There is no risk of falling, because we stay safely on the floor. Additionally, we also carry insurance that most other providers don’t bother to obtain. This protects us, you, and your property.

From a safety and liability standpoint, there is no better option than to hire Suck It Up! Gutters & More for your gutter cleaning and other high-area cleaning needs!