We clean more than just gutters. The other day we were called out to remove debris from a home with several roof valleys. Leaves, sticks, and pine stray had piled up to ~4″ deep since the last cleaning (previous year).

Look at the pictures and you can see the difference. Properly cleaned valleys can aid in all-around good drainage of your roof. You can even see in these pictures that after the debris was removed, the shingles were clearly still wet, even though the rest of the roof was dry. Consistently wet areas on a roof can lead to premature roof failure, so keeping these areas clean is critical.

We use our special tools to clean the valleys without getting up on a ladder. Our equipment also allows us to clean without dropping the debris on your flower beds, decks, and driveways. Between the benefits of clean valleys and the peace of mind of having Suck It Up! safely perform your work, it’s an easy decision to give us a call!

Roof valley with leavesclean roof valley