Many customers ask us if we recommend gutter guards.  While we like the theory of gutter guards, the practicality of them can sometimes miss the mark.

Gutter guards can cost $5,000 or more to install on a typical residential house with 200 linear feet of gutter.  We can clean the gutters on that same house for ~$200/visit, or $350 for 2 visits per year on a service agreement.

When you think of how many years of gutter cleaning service could be had for that $5000, that works out to >14 years of gutter cleaning.

We have many customers with gutter guards who also require a yearly cleaning, because needles and leaves still clog up the guards.  So in addition to the large up-front payment, you also have to pay to remove debris on a somewhat regular basis.

We recommend just having your gutters cleaned regularly, and take that $5000 and use it somewhere that provides a better return on your investment, or go have some fun with it!